Saturday, December 6, 2008

Fishing Report December 1, 2008

The past two weeks I fished out of Emeryville. The first time on the "C-Gull" and this last week on the "Salmon Queen". These are rock cod combos trips meaning that we go for rock cod and crabs. This last week we only got two crabs per person but the week before we lucked out at six per person. I think they will continue the combos but it will be sanddabs and crabs. For reservations you can call 510-654-6040. There is plenty of parking space available. I also fished on the "Hula Cat" out of Half Moon Bay and we caught crabs and rock fish his number is 650-619-0459. I plan to be at Berryessa this coming weekend and look forward to catching some good size bass and cats. 'til next week............................................good fishing!!!!!! If you have any stories to share please email me at or call me at 650-583-3333.

Fishing Report November 17, 2008

I got to the lake late Friday evening and prepared to take my friend Craig and his daughters Cady and Tiye for an outing on
Saturday. They arrived at around noon on Saturday and we trolled towards my favorite cove. Tiye hooked onto a fish using
a fire tiger crankbait and she brought it almost all the way to the boat but needed a little help from her dad. Her sister Cady
helped in netting the fish which was a nice bass about 1.5 lbs. Next Cady hooked onto a 2 lb. bass and Tiye and her dad helped
net it. The girls thought it was so easy catching fish I decided to take them to a spot where I knew fish were holding to this
tree in twenty-seven feet of water. Using four pound test line, a small hook and a slitshot about nine inches up we lowered a
minnow down towards the bottom and brought it up slowly. Tiye oked up to a 2.5 pound spotted bass. The rod bent all the
way over and I thought she and the rod would go over board. But with help from her sister and dad they managed to land
the bass. Cady also landed a nice size bass at that spot. They limited out in the two hours we fished and had a great time.
When we got back to the dock they wouldn't hold the fish for pictures so I held it for them (see photo). Sunday morning I
took Greg out for a few hours. We started out at around eight in the morning and went to the same spot I had fished with
the girls the day before. Greg got hit by a nice size bass which weighted aprox. 3.5 to 4 pounds as he was bringing it to the
boat and was within an arms reach of it, I told him not to lift the head out of the water but unfortunately I was too late and
the fish spit the hook out and took off. We all know that feeling!!!! Greg did land some nice size bass having learned his
lesson but none as big as the one that got away. Tom, who I guided in the past, came into the cove and showed me his
Cobalt boat that he rigged for fishing. I told him to try trolling at Big Island and he called me later in the day and told me
that trolling worked for him. It appears that the best way to cover a lot of ground is to troll while you look for bait fish or
some other sign of fish activity. 'til next week................................................................good fishing!!!!!!!!!! If you would like to share any fishing stories please email me at
or call me at 650-583-3333.

Fishing Report October 26, 2008

This past Friday I took Tom out for the day. We headed out towards the ranch house at first light.
We trolled from the Narrows towards the two points at the Ranch house. There was no surface
activity in fact the water was very calm almost too calm. It stayed that way most of the day. We
could see the bass but catching them was a different story. We tried everything but could not entice
them to bite until we tried a River2Sea jerk bait which finally produced a few small bass. We trolled to
the vineyards and being the water is so low we saw a lot of structure which should be helpful in the
future. It was a real slow day for us. On Saturday it improved a little more but not much. Albert and
I had a little more luck trolling. Albert landed a brown trout as we were heading out of the marina and
sure enough as we were heading back into the marina he landed another nice trout. We tried our crappie
tree that had been successful last weekend but to no avail. My friend Al from Pacifica called me and
told me he had nine bites on Friday and landed four and on Saturday he caught fourteen bass on jigs fishing
Putah Creek along the points. Sunday I took his advice and went out for a few hours and ended up landing
six bass, two using brass & glass with a watermelon black fleck senko with six pound Pline and Procure crawdad
scent, two on a River2Sea crawdad and two on floating tube bait with splitshot. All my bass were caught on
the bottom using a very slow retrieve. There was no surface activity around me all day. It was a tough
weekend but still had a lot of fun. Hope you enjoy the photos. 'til next week..................good fishing!!!!! If you have any stories you would like to share please email me at> or call me at 650-583-3333.

Fishing Report October 20, 2008

Sunday I fished with the two J's. We headed out at first light (it was cold!!!) across the lake
towards the ranch house heading to the vineyards. I put my boat on automatic pilot and she (J1)
caught her first bass on crankbait. She fished the front of the boat casting top water with no
success. Meanwhile J2 was fishing off the back of the boat with jerk bait and landed a nice size
bass. When we got to the point he fished with a River2Sea crawdad and had a fish on his line without
knowing it because it was swimming towards the boat he landed that one easily. The vineyards, being
the lake is so low, did not show a lot of activity. As we crossed towards Big Island we found a lot of
birds and balls of bait. The fish were all between 35 and 45 feet deep. As we headed back towards
home we stopped at a spot I call the 'crappie tree' and put out two markers. We fished between the
two markers and ended up with some large crappies.bsp; As J1 was jigging for crappie she landed a nice
salmon. The day before Albert and I had fished this same spot and every drift we had picked up fish.
Dario and his family wanted to catch catfish. For the first hour or so he was a little disappointed but
after his next two fish which were a fifteen pounder and a ten pounder he had a smile from ear to ear.
He used hotdogs for bait. It was a good fishing weekend and we ended up catching a hodge-podge of
different fish which made it interesting. 'til next week......................................good fishing!!!!!! If you have any fishing stories you would like to share please email me at or call me at 650-583-3333.

Fishing Report October 7, 2008

Friday morning I took Roger and his grandsons Austin and Mackenna out for a day of fishing. It was
a cold overcast morning and stayed that way most of the day. We headed out towards the
vineyards stopping along the way at some key points. Mackenna who is eight landed the first
fish which weighted approx. 2.5 pounds. He also brought in the second fish that weighted almost
2 pounds. Austin (who turned 12 that day) landed the third and fourth fish. Both boys did very
well for the day. Roger really didn't get much of a chance to fish since he was busy taking pictures
of the boys reeling in their fish and netting them. That evening I went into my favorite cove which
is slowly drying up and only threw top water with no luck whatsoever. Saturday I went to my cove
again and caught some nice bass on suspended baits by River2Sea and again no hits on top water.
Saturday evening I fished th my buddy Albert for awhile and caught a six pound catfish. Sunday
my friend Steve and I headed out at first light toward the Ranch House. As we trolled towards the
vineyards we tried top water baits along the way with no response at all. Steve caught some bass
with the River2Sea suspended bait which also landed a couple of trout (see photo). Sunday turned
out to be a tough day of fishing. We would see fish break, throw into the boil with no rewards.
Most fish we saw on the screen were suspended. It was still a great weekend of fishing and should
only get better. 'til next week............................................good fishing!!!!!!!! If you have any fishing stories you would like to share please email me
at or call me at 650-583-3333.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Fishing Report September 29, 2008

On Friday I headed out of Steele Park and at the point across from Spanish Flat I noticed lots of bait action. I decided the time was right to try some top water lures. I threw a white and chartreuse chugger and on my third cast towards the rocky shoreline in about ten feet of water I got smacked by a 2+ pound bass. What a great feeling!!!!!! I love that top water bite. I continued to work the shoreline into the cove and I continued to land some nice size bass. The bass seem to be more aggressive to the crankbaits then to the worm that I have been dragging. Saturday I went out with Albert in the late afternoon. We have been fishing together off and on for the last couple of weekends and poor Albert was not having too much luck. Well he made up for it Saturday by catching a 3 pound crappie and I caught an 8.5 pound catfish and Albert was just fed up with me (he loves catfish) so I told him you can't give up. We stayed at the dock after dark and it paid off big time for Albert, he ended up landing a 16 pound 11 ounce CATFISH!!!!! (see photo) Needless to say he was beyond happy he had always wanted to catch at least a 10 pound fish (any fish!!!) so he was thrilled. Sunday I trolled for awhile with no luck. All in all it was a pretty good weekend and I am just over-joyed for Albert. Friday I had kept a couple of the bass and I had them in a cooler on ice in front of my cabin. During the night raccoons helped themselves to a fish feast and didn't leave any for me. To add insult to injury, they ate the fish on my golf cart and left scales all over the floor. I guess they needed the fish more than I did and I hope they enjoyed it.
'til next week................................................good fishing!!!!!!!! If you have any stories you would like to share please email me at or call me at 650-583-3333.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Fishing Report September 22 2008

This past weekend was very successful for bass if you trolled. The question now is where to troll and how deep. Tom and Marie headed toward the east side of the lake and looked for signs of balls of bait in the water. His fish- finder showed there was fish activity between 20 to 25 feet down. He used a pink lady and crankbait to get down deep enough and it worked because he ended up with two nice limits of bass which included a nice 4+ pounder. My wife and I went out for a little while that evening but we didn't do as well. My wife's bass was larger than mine but no real size to speak of. Juan is holding one of the catfish I caught at the dock by the marina. (see photos)
My fishing tip this week is to first find the bait and target the depth. Water is still clear. My recommendation is to zigzag from 15 feet to 30 feet until you find where they are and troll with different depth crankbaits one that goes around 6eet down on the shallower side and 12 feet down on the deeper side of the boat. Please let me know how you did.
'til next week...............good fishing!!!!!!!!! If you have any stories you would like to share please email me at or call me at 650-583-3333.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Fishing Report September 10 2008

Weather wise lake Berryessa was still Hot, Hot, Hot. It was so hot that I elected to stay on the dock in the shade which was still Hot!!!! My buddy Albert came to join me on Saturday and we spent most of the day catching catfish and carp. Our largest catfish that day was 8.6 lbs on Albert's scale. The fish were busting all around us. Michelle and her husband came down to the dock to fish with us and she landed a first for me. She landed a large muskrat which we netted and within ten seconds it ate through the net completely and was gone. Sorry Albert we know that was your favorite net!!!! On Sunday I fished at the dock again (another hot day) and I was joined by Blake and her boyfriend. Her boyfriend said he would show her how to catch fish and when the score was three to nothing in Blake's favor she told him she would give him lessons. It was Blake's birthday which may acunt for her good luck that day. It was a slow weekend but still a lot of fun. 'til next week..................... happy fishing!!!!!!!!!!!
If you have any stories you would like to share please email me at or call me at 650-583-3333.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Fishing Report August 20 2008

The last couple of weekends I found that trolling for bass has been the most productive. Early morning I like to troll in 8 to 10 feet with a minus lure that dives about one foot and as the sun goes over head I go into deeper water (20 to 30 feet) and use a deeper diving lure that goes 6 to 10 feet down. The shallower lure closer to shore. While trolling on my son's pontoon boat with my daughter-in-law (see photos) our score within an hour was three bass each. I took our friend Terry and her two sons and daughter out for a couple of hours on my boat (I have included a photo of my boat for those who have asked me what kind of boat I use - a Lund fully loaded). We trolled and had a great day catching bass with the kids (see photo). I spent one evening in my favorite cove and I decided to only use a top water lure. Within an hour's time I had eight nice size bass. Bad part of story is that I threw my favorite top water 'chugger'
into about two feet of water where I saw some activity and sure enough a fish devoured the lure and dragged it to some bushes, my line snapped trying to reel him in and alas the lure never surfaced. I waited for quite awhile and it never did come up. I had that 'chugger' for at least twelve years and it caught me a lot of nice bass even though I have another like it, it's just not the same.
'til next week............................................good fishing!!!!!!!!!!! If you have any stories you would like to share, please email me at or call me at 650-583-3333.

Fishing Report July 20 2008

Hi everyone!!! This is my first fishing report since before Memorial Day weekend when I became ill and had to have a quadrupel bypass. Fortunately I am recovering well and eager to get back to fishing on my own. This past weekend was a full moon but my family will not allow me to take my boat out yet. My son found a cove in the Narrows where he beached his pontoon boat and spent the day. Just for fun they put out a couple of rods with hotdogs for bait and scored seven catfish and three carp. Saturday my wife and I joined our son and his wife on their boat and headed towards the same cove. Unfortunatley that spot was taken so we found a similar cove. Using my wife's secret formula of corn meal and vanilla extract I lay on the back of the pontoon boat enjoying the sunshine and holding on to the fishing rod. Everyone else was in the water when I got hit big time. I yelled for help (I'm still a little weak when it comes to reeling in a big guy) and my daughter-inlaw reeled the fish in for me and my son netted it. It turned out to be a six pound carp which gave us a great fight on four pound test line and light rod. When we got back to the marina I stayed at my boat and fished for awhile. I was joined by Nick and Scott and we had fun catching carp to eight pounds. I am very proud of Nick. He is ten years old and he caught three good size carp and his friend Scott helped him net the fish. That evening Nadar and his cousin caught five catfish no size to speak of on hotdogs. Nick and all his friends caught a carp near the cabin on hotdogs. My neighbor at the Marina and his father went out to the east side of the lake today (Sunday) and trolled between 20 and 30 feet using a lure that went down six to eight feet and caught twelve bass up to 2.5 pounds. Last week using the same system they caught a five and an eight pounder. Hopefully I will be abl o start using my boat again by this weekend and have some great stories to share with you. 'til next week...........................................good fishing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you have any fishing stories you would like to share please email me at or call me at 650-583-3333.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Fishing Report May 5, 2008

This past weekend I got to the lake late Friday afternoon. I set off to my favorite cove for the late bite. I threw my chugger at least fifty times until I got my first top-water fish and then for about an hour (from 8 to 9 PM) every cast was action. The following day I went out with my wife and we used plastics only for the bass. We caught a few and lost a few. The bite was tough becausethe bass are on their nests and did not have any interest in feeding but only in protecting the nests and teased us by moving the lines before we could set the hook. I went out later in the evening with my friend Albert and we had better luck. Once again I was looking for that evening top-water bite but nothing happened until around 8:30 PM. I was throwing a chugger and Albert was throwing a Zaro Spook and we just kept hitting fish. We landed a limit in no time. Fish were jumping all around us but not all bass. During the day light Albert threw Cast Masters at the boiling fish and they turned out to be trout. Hooking them was no problem for Albert but he had a hard time landing them. It turned out to be a great night (see photos). Sunday I went out for a couple of hours on my own. The wind had picked up and I decided to troll most of the morning. I used a crankbait that only went down about two feet and hooked up around nineteen trout. The water temperature ranged from 65 to 67.5 degrees. If next weekend is warmer, I look forward to a great fishing weekend. In the photo Albert is holding an eight pound catfish.

'til next week......good fishing!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you have any fishing stories you would like to share please email me at or call me at 650-583-3333.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Fishing Report March 23, 2008

Easter weekend was just perfect at the lake. The weather was great, the water was clear and the fish were biting. Friday I headed out to the vineyards at 11:30 with my wife. We had a limit by 1:00. We were both using brass and glass with a 5' senko (I keep telling you it works!!!). After she brought in her second fish, I figured why should I be stubborn I switched to her color senko and sure enough I started to catch fish. The conditions were perfect and I followed my own advice. On Saturday I took Tom and Tony out for the day. We trolled from the ranch house to the vineyards with no success. We fished the vineyards for over two hours with no bites. No matter what bait we tried..........zilch!! What a difference a day makes. I decided to try my favorite cove. I had Tom and Tony start by bouncing a split-shot and minnow on the bottom. The first two fish that were caught were under size. You should have seen their faces when I let those two fish go. The bite picked up and we began to enjoy ourselves. They landed two good size crappies and a limit of bass (see photos). At about 1:30 I threw a brass and glass with my wife's favorite color senko into a recess in the rocks and was hit immediately by this five pound four ounce bass (see photo). After taking two pictures, I released the fish and I thought Tom and Tony were going to jump over board to grab it. They were happy with all the fish that they were going to take home. Sunday my wife and I went to my favorite cove for a couple of hours. We both used the brass and glass with the senko and landed a few nice fish no size to speak of. All in all it was a good fishing weekend and I hope it continues to get better and better. 'ti next week......................................good fishing!!!!!!!!

If you have any fishing stories you would like to share please email me at or call me at 650-583-3333. One of my friends from the Highlands caught a 12 pound bass fishing from shore this past week (photos at Steele Park Marina).

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Fishing Report for March 16, 2008

As we head into this coming weekend there will be a full moon and all the water conditions are conducive for the spawning of the smallmouth bass. I plan on fishing Friday the 21st. My first stop will be the vineyards and I feel the fishing will be great. I have received many calls asking me what I would use at this time. For those who are in Tournaments, I would throw swim baits all day only. Since I am not in tournaments, my arsenal would consist of a carolina rig with a 5" french fries. My second choice would be brass and glass with a dark senko 5" worm texas style. Thirdly, would be my favorite confidence bait, a R2S crawdad with Procure crawdad scent. If I see any top water activity at all, I'll be throwing a chugger or a pop'r. My boat will probably be in seven feet of water throwing to the shore. Of course these are only my intentions for the coming weekend which can change due to the weather and fishing conditions. Please read my next report to find out what I ended up doing. 'til next week...................................good fishing!!!!! If you have any questions or stories you would like to share please email me at or call me at 650-583-3333.