Saturday, December 6, 2008

Fishing Report October 7, 2008

Friday morning I took Roger and his grandsons Austin and Mackenna out for a day of fishing. It was
a cold overcast morning and stayed that way most of the day. We headed out towards the
vineyards stopping along the way at some key points. Mackenna who is eight landed the first
fish which weighted approx. 2.5 pounds. He also brought in the second fish that weighted almost
2 pounds. Austin (who turned 12 that day) landed the third and fourth fish. Both boys did very
well for the day. Roger really didn't get much of a chance to fish since he was busy taking pictures
of the boys reeling in their fish and netting them. That evening I went into my favorite cove which
is slowly drying up and only threw top water with no luck whatsoever. Saturday I went to my cove
again and caught some nice bass on suspended baits by River2Sea and again no hits on top water.
Saturday evening I fished th my buddy Albert for awhile and caught a six pound catfish. Sunday
my friend Steve and I headed out at first light toward the Ranch House. As we trolled towards the
vineyards we tried top water baits along the way with no response at all. Steve caught some bass
with the River2Sea suspended bait which also landed a couple of trout (see photo). Sunday turned
out to be a tough day of fishing. We would see fish break, throw into the boil with no rewards.
Most fish we saw on the screen were suspended. It was still a great weekend of fishing and should
only get better. 'til next week............................................good fishing!!!!!!!! If you have any fishing stories you would like to share please email me
at or call me at 650-583-3333.

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