Thursday, March 27, 2008

Fishing Report March 23, 2008

Easter weekend was just perfect at the lake. The weather was great, the water was clear and the fish were biting. Friday I headed out to the vineyards at 11:30 with my wife. We had a limit by 1:00. We were both using brass and glass with a 5' senko (I keep telling you it works!!!). After she brought in her second fish, I figured why should I be stubborn I switched to her color senko and sure enough I started to catch fish. The conditions were perfect and I followed my own advice. On Saturday I took Tom and Tony out for the day. We trolled from the ranch house to the vineyards with no success. We fished the vineyards for over two hours with no bites. No matter what bait we tried..........zilch!! What a difference a day makes. I decided to try my favorite cove. I had Tom and Tony start by bouncing a split-shot and minnow on the bottom. The first two fish that were caught were under size. You should have seen their faces when I let those two fish go. The bite picked up and we began to enjoy ourselves. They landed two good size crappies and a limit of bass (see photos). At about 1:30 I threw a brass and glass with my wife's favorite color senko into a recess in the rocks and was hit immediately by this five pound four ounce bass (see photo). After taking two pictures, I released the fish and I thought Tom and Tony were going to jump over board to grab it. They were happy with all the fish that they were going to take home. Sunday my wife and I went to my favorite cove for a couple of hours. We both used the brass and glass with the senko and landed a few nice fish no size to speak of. All in all it was a good fishing weekend and I hope it continues to get better and better. 'ti next week......................................good fishing!!!!!!!!

If you have any fishing stories you would like to share please email me at or call me at 650-583-3333. One of my friends from the Highlands caught a 12 pound bass fishing from shore this past week (photos at Steele Park Marina).

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Fishing Report for March 16, 2008

As we head into this coming weekend there will be a full moon and all the water conditions are conducive for the spawning of the smallmouth bass. I plan on fishing Friday the 21st. My first stop will be the vineyards and I feel the fishing will be great. I have received many calls asking me what I would use at this time. For those who are in Tournaments, I would throw swim baits all day only. Since I am not in tournaments, my arsenal would consist of a carolina rig with a 5" french fries. My second choice would be brass and glass with a dark senko 5" worm texas style. Thirdly, would be my favorite confidence bait, a R2S crawdad with Procure crawdad scent. If I see any top water activity at all, I'll be throwing a chugger or a pop'r. My boat will probably be in seven feet of water throwing to the shore. Of course these are only my intentions for the coming weekend which can change due to the weather and fishing conditions. Please read my next report to find out what I ended up doing. 'til next week...................................good fishing!!!!! If you have any questions or stories you would like to share please email me at or call me at 650-583-3333.