Saturday, January 10, 2009

Fishing Report December 8, 2008

Friday I went out by myself, filled up the tank, got minnows so I would be ready for Saturday morning. I fished for about three hours and only caught four bass. Two were caught on brass and glass by the boat docks as I threw into the empty slips and two were caught by structure. It was a tough bite. My fishing buddy wanted to go out for trout while I waited for him to come down I caught two trouts at the dock on the surface chasing minnows with a minus lure. The water was 57.5 degrees and there was a difinite chill in the air. We headed straight towards the narrows and we trolled from the boulders pass the ski school with not even one bite. I trolled a minus lure on one end and a repala that went down six to eight feet in a shad color on the other end with no luck. My buddy threw to shore a top water lure and no blow ups. The water was like glass not even a ripple but no fish breaking on the top. I met Barney and Ed and they were fishing with a minnow and a split shot on the bottom and they only caught one bass. I told them to follow me to my favorite cove and let's see if we can change your luck. There was a slight drift and they started at one end and came towards me. Their first fish that they picked up at the point was an 8 - 10 lb catfish. They did the drift again and caught a trout and a bass. Then they came to us where the markers were and I told them that was where the crappies were they saw them on their screen but they had to leave. They caught all their fish in the shadow and let me tell you if it was cool in the sun it was cold in the shadows but they said it was worth it and thanked me for bringing them there and showing them this new spot (see photo). I caught a 10 lb catfish on mackerel which is a great bait for cats. 'til next weekend..................................................good fishing!!!! If you have any stories you would like to share please email me at or call me at 650-583-3333.