Sunday, December 2, 2007

Fishing with Sid 11 6 07

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. Friday I took out Jon and his dad Kent.Our goal was to head to the vineyards but that was shot as soon as we saw thewhitecaps in the main lake. We trolled near my favorite cove but the wind madeit to hard to control with my electric motor. I decided to head into Capell covewhere I hoped the water would be calmer. Caught a trout on the surface headinginto the cove and the conditions were better. Jon was throwing a R2S suspendingminnow and have some luck catching small bass. I set up the same lure for his dad and he was bringing in some bass too. We fished the rest of the daylight inthe back of Capell cove and as it began to get dark and colder we opted to comein. On Saturday I took Jonathan out to my favorite cove (hey this cove works forme). We started off shallow with no luck. Could not see any fish activity at all.My friend Albert was fishing from shore and he told me he had no luck at all so far.I decided to go to the beginning of the cove where it was deeper. I located a treeunder the water and Jonathan started drop-shoting and the fish began hitting. Weended up with limits in less than an hour (see photos). On Sunday I headed outreally early and went straight to that spot with the tree. I spent three hoursthere not moving at all and caught nineteen bass none bigger than two pounds.I also caught fourteen crappie. All crappies were caught on the R2S suspendingminnow with ProCure scents on six pound Pline. 'til next week..........................good fishing!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you have any storiesyou would like to share please email me at or call meat 650-583-3333.

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